Free Legal Clinics for DACA-Recipients & Undocumented Immigrants

“DACA renewal applications are still being accepted!
This FREE online/phone legal clinic will offer an opportunity to have your DACA renewal packet reviewed by an immigration attorney.
This clinic is also open to undocumented immigrants who are not eligible for DACA.
While DACA allows for a temporary protection for recipients, it does not lead a path to citizenship, and may be withdrawn in the future. For all of these reasons, it is highly recommended that undocumented individuals, including DACA recipients, be screened for other forms of immigration relief.
So, if you are a current or a former DACA recipient, a DACA eligible person, or someone who is undocumented and wants to explore legal immigration options, sign up for this FREE legal clinic where you’ll be able to consult with an immigration attorney to:
– Review your DACA renewal application before you submit.
– Talk with an immigration attorney for free.
– Be screened for possible forms of immigration relief and discuss your immigration situation.
You must sign up for a timeslot here:
If you have questions, you can message us here or call us at (206) 727-8515.”